ABP Media Group is a comprehensive Media Advertising and concept development Services Company. We provide customers with coherent and reliable media services and solutions through partnerships that extends beyond the daily business, fostering exchange and cooperation to help customers overcome their unique industry challenges.

We’re focused on Brand strength and instant recognition, while delivering the best possible results for the best possible price.

Our Philosophy

Locally Global
Although we are based in Albury, we have worked in some of the biggest cities around the globe with stints in London, New York, Sydney, Melbourne and even little old Wellington.

You get the best of both worlds, local and regional experience with an international and metro flavour.

Grounded Thinking
Between us we have over 50 years agency experience. In that time, we have solved most business problems in a variety of sectors, industries and companies. We bring this wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project.

Strategically led, no fluff or BS, just grounded thinking that gets to the essence.

Making Complex Simple
The marketing environment has changed more in the last 5 years than it has in the last 50. The rapid rise of digital, the changing role for traditional channels and a more connected and informed consumer means brands are in a state of constant evolution. At the same time, the media landscape has become more complicated at the cost of transparency, making it more difficult for businesses to ensure they are getting the most of their brand and marketing investment.

We solve this important problem by driving greater transparency, accountability, value and perhaps most importantly through creative solutions that have cut through.

Our People

Steve Nicholas
Media Consultant, Advertising concept developer and Presenter.

Steve has been in the Media industry for more than 30 years; his career has spanned many of the mainstream media platforms and is a highly regarded and sort after Presenter, his knowledge of the media in general is extensive.

He is the developer of the Accelerator Plus forward sales program which helps SME’s in achieving the very best results in long term sustainable growth. His experience in Television & Radio General Management, Sales Management and Production in all areas of the audio visual platforms makes him a very diverse consultant.

ABP Media Pty Ltd is Steve’s company; he plays a very active role in the growth and development of individual Businesses and Business groups all over Australia.

Steve Nichols

Simon McMaster
Founder & Director of The Big Agency

Simon is a seasoned marketing and operations professional, with a rare blend of strategy, digital, technical and business experience across all aspects of communications landscape.

He has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands in Australia, Europe, London, US and Australia.

In 2017, Simon founded Big Agency to provide boutique advertising, branding and marketing services for a range of businesses in a variety of sectors.


Steph Boyle
Co-founder SO Creative / Creative Director

And when it comes to her work, Steph is savvy, sharp, symbolic and a great story teller! It was during her 10 years of designing advertising for various brands that she found her true creative niche – problem solving for brands. Even though she spends time problem solving on the computer, she still loves to use pencil and paper wherever possible for a project, revisiting her childhood where she’d spend hours listening to music (that still happens) while drawing.

She loves a good pun and her branding projects reveal her passion for symbolism but say the words ‘creative freedom’ when talking about a project and she won’t let you down. Her ideas and concepts are built on her ability to listen to your story (over coffee of course) and her understanding of the importance of creating an emotional connection, trust and recognition through branding, communication and design.

Steph Boyle

Olivia Smith
Co-founder SO Creative

And when it comes to her work, Olivia is original, organised, outstanding, and obsessed with what she does! As a marketing, design & communications professional, her rap sheet includes big brands like Europcar and RACV. The accolades began in her tertiary studies, and they’ve continued throughout her career.

Her 20 years of experience has covered the tourism, retail, professional services, property development and manufacturing industries. She’s obsessed with brands, what they say and who they talk to. At university her major was ‘Psychology in advertising’, and she’ll tell you this was the single most profound knowledge she received. It catapulted a career that morphed from design into marketing – for her a seamless transition, for the businesses she’s worked with, an unmatchable combination, delivering results.

Olivia Smith

Nigel Parsons
Television & Video Production

Nigel has an extensive skill set that includes; “Experience in broadcasting, Having co hosted breakfast on Regional Radio, Currently a working musician, Composer for both television and film, All aspects of video production & 3D graphics and motion capture.”

My aim was always to be a single source for anything conceivable for television and video production, and I’m very happy to say I’ve achieved this. We’re constantly learning and in the ever changing advertising landscape we’ve adjusted and adapted accordingly. We’re capable of shooting up to 6K raw with the new Blackmagic Design cameras and have provided behind the scenes and Electronic Press Kit for leading Australian productions like Underbelly Files: Chopper, Bad Mothers and Spin Out (The Movie). We’re adaptable and open minded. We approach each client and situation with no pre-conceived concepts or mindset as we appreciate each business unit is unique.